Transformation Projects

We can assist your management and in-house teams in tackling the questions related to projects that involve a change in how your company operates. Whether it is developing a new line of business, operating in a new country, obtaining the necessary licences from regulators, designing a Compliance programme, developing an in-house Compliance tool or researching and acquiring an external one, or others that come to your mind, we can accompany you from the design of a strategy to its execution.  We would be there to act as a sounding board, ask the right questions, research the regulatory framework, anticipate implementation challenges and accompany you in making your vision a reality.

Our Project Management experience includes designing custom-made modules in Salesforce for managing workflows for the review and approval of financial promotions on a global scale, as well as for handling global AML/KYC requirements, including customer risk rating, country ratings and dynamic requirements for due diligence documentation based on risk levels and services provided. It also has involved deploying external tools for sanctions screening or wholly designing an in-house tool for unusual transactions monitoring. In all cases, it has involved designing the accompanying processes, methodologies and training the concerned teams, not to mention upgrading the tools continuously to learn from the users’ experience and respond to new rules or changing organisations.

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