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Advisory and Training

Anti-Money Laundering / Combatting the Financing of Terrorism

Regulators around the world have been increasingly active in developing ever more stringent AML/CTF regulatory frameworks and in enforcing them. Fines related to AML/CFT failings make up the bulk of fines levied by regulators on financial institutions, totalling more than 10 billion USD in 2020 alone (source: Fenergo, 2021). These rules apply to firms of all sizes, which must comply with regulations in all countries where they are active, which means added complexity and a need for constant vigilance for new evolutions.

Distribution / Financial Promotions

The rules for distributing funds change from one country to another, in terms of whether a licence is required, the existence of private placement or pre-marketing regimes, the need to register the funds and how to do so, etc. Moreover, marketing documents must be "fair, clear and not misleading", but this can mean different things in different places in practice, even if common trends emerge. Do you have questions on any of this, or need assistance ensuring your documentation is compliant? We're here to help!

International Sanctions

Sanctions are now a key tool in governments foreign policy, and with the multiplication of sanctions regimes, their complexity has now increased, as they can now target individual, firms or entire industries. Their extraterritorial application means that companies need to be aware of measures coming out of multiple foreign authorities which, like OFAC, have not hesitated to apply fines to those in breach. We can help implementing a robust Sanctions programme, and with the questions you may have interpreting new measures as they are published.

Crypto Assets

It is not every day that we see the birth of a paradigm-shifting industry like this one. The crypto assets industry has grown to 2 trillion USD in market cap in less than a decade and brought innovations that will disrupt monetary systems, financial services and many other sectors. This brings many questions about how to apply existing regulation (or how to create it from scratch) in a way that preserves the capacity to keep innovating while still protecting consumers and economies. We have a deep understanding of this industry and its products, and are here to help you navigate these questions.